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Project Planning & Scheduling, Implementation, Management and Assessment


You've all heard "Failing to plan is planning to fail" but how many of you are actually developing, implementing, executing and reporting on high quality projects plans and schedules?


It has been our experience, companies that believe they have a scheduling / project planning capability "in- house" rarely test to see if this capability is in fact up to today's Standards. Have your project programmes or other control mechanisms been tested somehow, either in daily utilisation or by an independent review process? Do your project management controls and systems integrate well with other corporate reporting mechanisms?


4Cite undertakes project scheduling, productivity and earned value management reporting for Clients as well as claims preparation, assessment, review and analysis when required.

We've worked in commercial, defence, education and health sectors as well as rail, water, power and gas infrastructure. Please visit our projects page for more information.


Cost Control & Management


4Cite specialises in the development, implementation, management and assessment of cost control mechanisms on projects. We assist project teams develop and maintain high quality project cost records specifically with respect to managing progress claims, variations and delay claims.


High quality cost tracking mechanisms should allow the project team to understand their cost position at any point in time. The cost tracking mechanism should reflect the style of contract and the reporting required and size and complexity of the project. Oftentimes, we see issues around lack of detail or incorrect allocations of cost codes and sometimes no reporting whatsoever.


It is an absolute imperative that the cost control mechanism that is utilised be robust, sufficiently detailed and updated constantly in order to properly manage the financial element of any project.


Program Planning & Management


Program planning and management can be a highly stressful undertaking particularly if the processes and systems for robust project controls are not in place or are lacking. The complexity of managing resources across multiple projects can be challenging in its own right, however when procurement, design and contractual issues are thrown into the mix, the management of a program of works can become almost diabolical. Further, is the complexity of reporting project information and translating that information to reflect the reporting required at the corporate level depending on the organisation.


4Cite can assist your company in offering services that can greatly assist the program manager in ensuring timely, more accurate reporting at the project level that will roll up into a better quality program reporting to the more senior levels of management or division heads.


Resource Planning & Management


A major challenge facing any organisation is finding and maintaining good quality resources. That being said, many organisations are resource poor making the challenge of managing multiple projects that much more difficult.


Having a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities, working arrangements and EBA's, safety requirements for safe working periods and the like are all critical to understanding, developing and implementing a resource management plan and ensuring that these constraints are demonstrated when resource allocations are made in the project schedules and estimates. This enables a truer reflection of resource requirements and timelines for project delivery.


Claims preparation, review and analysis for Dispute Resolution Proceedings or Litigation


No one commences a project with the view that at the end of the job they will end up in court. However, every project at some time will have issues and disputes relating specifically to time or cost. The complexity of dealing with these disputes varies depending on the complexity of the project, its contract and the specific issues involved.


It has been our experience that many times, these issues get left to the side as people generally, by nature, dislike conflict of any kind. There can be extreme pressure on project mangers from their own upper management and stakeholders to minimise conflict whenever it arises. However, sometimes this is simply not possible.


4Cite has assisted many companies deal with these sometime complex commercial issues. We have prepared cases for court proceedings as well as claims related to time or cost (Extensions of Time or Variations etc) that have been dealt with at a project level. We have extensive experience working in environments with superintendents and other third party contracts administrators.


SME (Subject Matter Expert) for Independent Verifiers / Estimators upon request


It is common now for many large scale infrastructure projects particularly funded in some way by government to have an Independent Verifier / Estimator. These specialists are appointed to check and validate the proposed project costs, procedures, management plans and schedules prior to projects proceeding. At times, these specialists may be involved as superintendent's for the project as well.


4Cite has assisted these Independent Verifiers / Estimators for projects as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) specifically for review of project schedules and claims. We have also been involved as an SME on projects requiring assistance for dispute resolution proceedings.


Mapping & Logistics Management


4Cite has provided assistance with logistics and resource management by the utilisation of mapping.


On projects where multiple crews will be deployed at various locations for short periods of time, it has been useful to provide advice on travel time and distances required to complete works in certain areas of the country.


Telecommunication platform role outs are one such industry where this has been utilised as it was developed to minimise unnecessary travel between locations and therefore reduce cost.


This sort of planning tool has also been used for complex water maintenance and upgrade projects so that crews and project managers could understand where there teams were supposed to be geographically for the project.

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