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Interview 01 - Natasha Manley - Ticking the Box - Your Tender Program

Interview 02 - Karen Wenham - Mega Projects Go Slow - Common Themes in Major Claims and Disputes


Look for the icon above on the Topic page and download Show 05. Enjoy!


Amongst all the doom and gloom in our Industry at present sometimes it just pays to have a laugh so stick around until the end and finish off with a BIG Smile :-)


Part 01 - Recap 01 "Winning the Unattainable Tender"


As part of our efforts to share the knowledge we have decided to capture some of the great points made by past guests under each series.

This compilation show features guests Gary Brown, Dion Khan and Craig Newton.


Part 02 - A Blast from the past "Lord Mayor Jim"


In Celebration of the Riverfire 2012 Festival in Brisbane this weekend and introducing our new series "BIG Brother" Working with Government,

We thought that it might be a treat to bring "Lord Mayor Jim" out of retirement to have a chat.


The real Jim Soorley has been credited with many great changes whilst serving as Lord Mayor of Brisbane from 1991-2003.

His efforts instigated major infrastructure projects such as the Inner City Bypass, Eleanor Schonell Bridge, North-South Bypass Tunnel and the Riverwalk pathways.

He was also involved with taking some council departments from general management to adopting management by project principals, increasing opportunities for apprenticeships and enterprise bargaining.


Show 04. Enjoy!


Interview 01 - Leonie Kelly - Street Cred for Consulting PMs - The Tale of Two Prostitutes.

Interview 02 - Aurelia Noran - Embedding Sustainability into Project Management Practices


Look for the icon above on the Topic page and download Show 03. Enjoy!

Interview 01 - Craig Newton - Does Size Matter - Subcontractor, Contractor or Multi-National
Interview 02 - Doug Wheeler - Getting your #Tag - Qualifications and Credentials for Project Management
Look for the icon above on the Topic page and download Show 02. Enjoy!
Interview 01 - Gary Brown - BDM Commando - The Business Development Manager
Interview 02 - Dion Khan - Writing a Compelling Bid that Sells
Look for the icon above on the Topic page and download Show 01. Enjoy!

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Since we began talking as a human race we have learnt that sharing stories and experience from our Elders is a great way to progress our knowledge.
So why change what works!


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