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 Excel Magic Trick 947: Defined Name 3-D Cell Reference For Making Calculations Across Sheets

 Excel Magic Trick 945: Import External Excel File Into Open Excel Workbook & Alt Keyboards Tips

 Excel Magic Trick 943: Conditional Format First Three & Conditional Format After 3rd Occurrence

 Excel Magic Trick 941: Running Totals That Adjust At Each Change In Sku Number In First Column

 Excel Magic Trick 939: Use OR and AND Functions In IF Function For Logical Tests

 Excel Magic Trick 937: HYPERLINK VLOOKUP: Create Drop Down That Selects Web Address Link

 Excel Magic Trick 935: MAX Value Between Two Dates: DMAX, MAX-IF-IF, or AGGREGATE Function?

 Excel Magic Trick 933: Insert Comment Into Filtered Records Only (Keyboard Shortcuts)

 Excel Magic Trick 931: VLOOKUP & MATCH: Lookup Values With Special Characters Such As ~ * ?


 Excel Magic Trick 946: Is Item In List NOT In Any Other List? (Check Against 3 Other Columns)

 Excel Magic Trick 944: How To Create Your Own Original Array Formula From Scratch

 Excel Magic Trick 942: Lookup Last Shipment Date For Customer, Sorted & Not Sorted Date Column

 Excel Magic Trick 940: Conditionally Format Row "At Each Change In" Grouped Items

 Excel Magic Trick 938: Lookup Row Associated With Employee And Get Last In That Row

 Excel Magic Trick 936: Extract Employee Names For Max Value on Given Date Period (Including Dups)

 Excel Magic Trick 934: HYPERLINK Function and Hyperlink Feature (13 Examples)

 Excel Magic Trick 932: Formula to Show Cell Address: CELL or ADDRESS Function?

 Excel Magic Trick 930: Mixed Numbers In Formulas: Plus or No Plus, Excel Stills Knows!


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