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 Series 01 - Winning the Unattainable Tender

This hot subject "Winning the Unattainable Tender" should make for some great discussions.
These discussions cover topics on Business Development, Bid Teams, New Competition and much, much more

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Gary Brown
Gary Brown - Water Industry
With over 35+ years experience as a Water Consultant Specialist
"BDM Commando" The Business Development Manager
Gary Brown believes strongly that the secret to providing the Client with the right solution is not done during the Tender Period and that the most important period is the 3 to 12 months prior. If the hard yards have been done and a resource has been committed to this fulltime then the final submission should be the finalisation of the proposal .
Knowing more about your Client and their project then they do is the key that will open the door to your proposal being the winning tender.
Dion Khan
Dion Khan - Construction Industry
With over 17+ years experience in Project Management and Property Development
Dion states that often, firms do not thoroughly understand the client's tender requirements and invariably miss the mark by not effectively reading the tender documents. Assumptions must be reduced in a tender as different projects (and clients) can have very different requirements. Quite often tenders are written with the bidding party in mind but not the clients requirements. This is a costly mistake... Understanding the client requirements is key to success.
Craig Newton
Craig Newton - Telecommunications Industry
With over 30+ years experience in Construction and the Telecommunication Industry.
"Does Size Matter" Subcontractor, Contractor or Multi-National
Craig provides some insight to the differences and what kinds of strategies are used by different size business' when preparing a Tender submission.
Natasha Manley
Natasha Manley - Construction Industry
A Project Management Specialist with 14+ years experience in Project Controls and Claims

"Ticking the Box" Your Tender Program

Natasha discusses what type of Elements are best displayed in a well-constructed Tender Program.


 Series 01 - Upcoming Guests

Russell Bloxsom

Russell Bloxsom - Power Industry

General Manager, Transmission and Distribution - Downer Australia

Series 01 - Winning the Unattainable Tender


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